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Responsive email marketing template and campaigns

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With the rise of digital engagement through all channels, Translink recognised the need for an omnichannel digital marketing strategy to service and message their customers through their preferred device.

BeingOnline provided a fully managed email marketing system which would satisfy all devices by deploying responsively designed emails to adapt content to the screen size it is viewed on. Not surprisingly this would often be a mobile device with the typical customer using Translink services whilst on the move.

The use of mobile friendly templates combined with relevant messaging and accurate targeting of offers, discounts and news has seen vast increases in engagement and conversion. With detailed tracking and reporting, as well as other supporting consultancy, we form a close partnership in the promotion of Translink's products and services.


  • Online technology consultancy
  • User Experience Design
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Ecommerce integration
  • Email marketing system
  • Design graphics & illustrations
  • Google Analytics and effectiveness reporting


Translink customers

Ease of use and quality of data has ensured high response rates and results of campaigns could be clearly measured.