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Procter and Gamble

E-learning - Web-based training modules

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Procter & Gamble (P&G) are a multinational manufacturer of brand leading product ranges including family, personal and household care products. We were tasked by their USA Ohio and China Beijing based offices to design and build a series of 20 minute e-learning modules on a range of topics from ‘How to perform a statistical t-test’ to ‘How Modelling & Simulation is used at P&G’ - all with the aim of reducing the training administrative overhead.

Using Adobe Captivate to create our interactive e-learning content it provided a framework to organize pages and modules for reliable navigation with automated Text-To-Speech conversion negating the need for expensive voice-overs to be recorded or updated; visual programming – use of buttons, icons, drag-drop graphics; cross-browser compatibility – able to run on different browsers; integration – with leading e-learning applications and compliance models, such as Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) for Learning Management System (LMS) delivery.

Learners were sent personalised email invitations to access the e‑learning courses which were complemented by downloadable supplemental resources. The result? A vibrant, dynamic, and exciting way to learn new skills and concepts - holding learners’ attention by involving them in the learning process and by allowing them to monitor their progress with quizzes. It is also trackable by HR, Training and Compliance departments with email alerts helping to keep training on schedule.


  • Design, graphics & illustrations
  • Script editing
  • Studio live voice-overs
  • Technology solutions/Text-To-Speech software
  • SCORM compliant E-learning courseware
Procter and Gamble E-Learning Application 1Procter and Gamble E-Learning Application 2Procter and Gamble E-Learning Application 3


Procter and Gamble E-Learning Desktop

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